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*Fire fighter suppresses a fire with its chemical reaction and a cooling effect within 3-5 sec. this throwing-type extinguisher would be a handy tool for all restaurants and homes.


*Fire fighter is a compact, safe and easy to use. Throwing type extinguisher that is domestically manufactured by the patented technology thereby resulting in great cost saving in the tank/car/suitcase/briefcase. It may also be kept at in a tool box, drawer, kitchen, bedroom, storage room, or a shop for optimum preparation to take control of the early-stage of a fire.


*It is an extinguisher with proven outstanding efficiency that anybody can use i.e. regardless of age or gander. This product established an approval (KF108-2) for (A-class fire/1 unit/a set of 4 pcs) by Korea Testing and Research Institute for Chemical Industry. The fire fighter extinguisher work as well at any temperature ranging from -20 to 80c, unlike halon and wetting agent.


Extinguisher are almost unable to use at subzero temperatures. It work as well under any kind of weather conditions unlike halon or gas based extinguisher that may not work properly at outdoors where there wind.